Win Up To 100 BUSD In The New Bundle League!

Every referral counts.

Here we go!

“Hey, Bundle League! Long time, no see.”

Yes, it has definitely been a while since Bundlers competed for a whole month but all that action is back with the new Bundle League!

What’s new about the League?

  1. This season, it’s all about referral points.

You’ll get 5 League points for each friend you refer who completes KYC Level 2 and trades at least 10 BUSD within 15 days of joining Bundle.

2. Prizes are now 100 BUSD for first place, 75 BUSD for second place and 50 BUSD for third place.

Share your referral link with the world.

How do you compete?

  1. Download Bundle (Android, iPhone), sign up and complete your account setup.

👉🏾 Please, tap here to learn how to share your Bundle referral link.


What are the terms and conditions?

  1. Only completed referrals will be awarded points.

Bundlers are collecting points already, so start referring everybody you know!

May the most passionate Bundler win! ✌🏾

Bundle is a social payments app for cash or crypto

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