The Year Of BXD

Bundle’s platform token arrives to end 2020, and other highlights of December.

Like it has been for most people, the past 12 months have been a mix of emotions for us but we’re very thankful that we’re ending it on a high note at Bundle.

As we look forward to a much more pleasant year than 2020, let’s rewind together to the finest moments of December.🥂

Back To Basics

The 2020 run of the Bundle AMA series ended strongly with an engaging session featuring crypto investor, Chris Ani.

Chris, the founder of online learning platform Daba School, first took our community members through the basics of crypto trading, then he answered some burning questions from the audience.

The Bundle AMA series returns in January 2021. 👏🏾 Keep a lookout on our announcement channel for AMA invites and more.

Star #BundleStory

Every month, we make some room to showcase the reviews that touched us the most but December’s feature is particularly special.

It’s lovely to see how Bundle fits into people’s (love) lives. 😂

Shoppers Are Welcome

Thanks to gift cards on Bundle, international shopping is now easier for Bundlers who previously found it difficult to pay on foreign websites with local debit cards.

Gift cards are available to pay subscriptions on apps like Netflix (even the US and UK versions) and Spotify, and also to shop on ASOS, Nike and several other stores.

Here is a quick guide to help you use gift cards on your Bundle.

Trading On Time

Price Alerts, easily one of the most-requested features in the Bundle community, arrived on the app earlier in December and it has been an instant hit.

Whether you’re a casual or a serious trader, it’s wonderful to be able to set a target price for any cryptocurrency you’re interested in and get notified when the crypto hits that price.

If you haven’t tried Price Alerts, please get started here.

The Year Of BXD

At 9:00 am on Christmas Day, we played Santa Claus with a surprise community distribution of BXD, Bundle’s very own platform token! 🎅🏾

In this first round of distribution, we airdropped 500 BXD each to Bundlers who have been with us since we launched in April, have upgraded their Bundle account to KYC Level 2 and have traded at least 10 BUSD.

If you’ve come across one or more tweets tagged with #MyBundleBXD on Twitter, you already know how excited our community is about BXD.

The best part? We have more BXD giveaways lined up for 2021! 🎉

Before then, keep reading to get up to speed on BXD.

Your Quick Guide To BXD

What is BXD? 🤔

BXD is Bundle’s own digital token, built on Binance Chain.

BXD is like any other crypto, but it’s special because it gives Bundlers the power to participate actively in making important decisions at Bundle.

Who gets BXD? 🙋🏾‍♀️

Everyone, eventually.

We’re giving away millions of BXD to Bundlers, beginning with those who joined Bundle when we launched, completed KYC Level 2 and have traded more than BUSD on the app. There’s enough to go round and we will announce giveaways in the near future.

What can you do with BXD? 🤲🏾

For now, you can hold BXD, send it to your Bundle contacts and request it from your contacts. We’ll let you know when you can trade it on Bundle.

How much BXD is available? 👍🏾

There’ll be a lifetime total of not more than 2.1 billion BXD.

Is BXD on any crypto exchange? 🧐

No, BXD is not currently available on any crypto exchange. We’ll let you know when it is.

If you have questions or comments about BXD, please reach out to us through our in-app Help Centre or Telegram. We’ll be happy to reply.

Happy New Year in advance from Bibi and everyone else at Bundle! 🎊


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