The New Bundle Is Personal

We added Bundle Stories, the Crypto Quiz and more!

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We’ve been dreaming of giving you a more personal trading experience on Bundle for a while now, and with the latest app update, that dream has come to life!

The new Bundle comes with the Crypto Quiz feature, a set of questions to help us make Bundle work particularly for you. With your answers, the app automatically customises the way you trade. Better to experience it yourself than to be told about it.

Another feature in this update makes it easy for you to see the current prices of cryptocurrencies at a glance on the app, no need to dig around.

And speaking of something to dig into, we added Bundle Stories to teach you cryptocurrency basics. You’ll want to check that out that right away.

Are you ready to explore the new Bundle?

Get the update on Google Play and the App Store now and tweet us your first impressions!

Stay bundled!

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Bundle is a social payments app for cash or crypto

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