New On Bundle: Device Lock, Hide Wallet And More

We made Bundle more secure for you and expanded our Stories feature.

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Your privacy isn’t anything to play with, particularly when your money is involved.

This fact is all the motivation we needed to build the security features we baked into the latest version of Bundle.

Let’s take you on a quick tour of what’s new.

Device Lock 🔒

Your Bundle account is yours alone and it should stay that way.

To make sure you’re the only one who can get into your account, we’ve added fingerprint, passcode and Face ID sign-in options to Bundle.

So no matter what kind of phone you use, you can breathe easier knowing that what’s locked is locked.

To set up Device Lock, open Bundle and tap your profile picture. Next, tap Security Settings and swipe right on the ‘Use device security’ switch.

Hide Wallet 🙈

It’s one thing to lock your account and another thing to keep your wallet balance to yourself when it’s unlocked.

That’s exactly why the new Hide Wallet feature exists.

“How does it work,” you ask?

Tap the eye icon 👁 on your wallet card and your balance will disappear. Tap it again and it’ll reappear.

We daresay this is much better than covering your screen awkwardly in public to protect your wallet balance from prying eyes.


Remember Bundle Stories, the smart feature that shows you cash and cryptocurrency tips?

It’s alive and well, and we just expanded it.

Now, there’s an ever-evolving Stories section on the app menu packed with video guides to help you become a pro at using Bundle, frequently asked questions, the latest updates from us and more.

You’ll have to see it to understand how useful it is.

Open Bundle and tap Stories on the menu to explore.

More ➕

Dark Mode arrived on Bundle over a couple of weeks ago. Have you tried it? In our latest update, we touched it up to make it run a bit smoother.

And in case you missed it, sending money to your Bundle wallet is a lot simpler now. You should make a bank transfer if you haven’t lately.

We’re definitely not done making Bundle better for you.

Watch this space for announcements and stay bundled!✌🏾

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