Join The Bundle Referral Rush, Earn Commission Faster!

We lowered the trade amount requirement for referrals.

We just declared a bonus, kind of! 🚀

In the Bundle Referral Rush from today, October 27 to November 3, you and your referrals can earn NGN500 each when your referrals confirm their BVN on Bundle and trade up to NGN1,000! 👏🏾👏🏾

This means that instead of the usual NGN5,000 minimum trade limit for referrals, you can now earn a commission on referrals that trade just NGN1,000 within 15 days of joining Bundle through your referral link. 💃🏾

Refer your friends, get them to confirm their BVN on Bundle (it’s safe!) and make sure they trade up to NGN1,000 within 15 days. 👍🏾

We’ll make sure you get paid! 💰


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