Bundle Rewind #3: Standing For Something

The most notable moments of October at Bundle.

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As a team, looking back on October is the hardest thing we’ve done in a while.

What began as a month brimming with potential turned out to be an unforgettable one for all the wrong reasons.

Not only are there several Nigerians on the Bundle team, but Nigeria is also where Bundle was born, so to watch the peaceful #EndSARS protests against police brutality devolve into violence, destruction of property and the loss of lives saddened all of us deeply.

Our hearts go out to the families of those who were killed while taking a stand against the unlawful treatment of Nigerians. May their sacrifice never be in vain.

Here are some notable moments from the past four weeks at Bundle:

Talking To A Founder

The Bundle AMA (Ask Me Anything) series continued with a forward-looking conversation with Yele Bademosi, our founder and CEO, on October 17.

Yele’s session was as insightful as it was down-to-earth, covering subjects including his personal journey as an entrepreneur, Bundle’s upcoming native token and the future of DeFi in cryptocurrency.

Check out highlights of the session here then join us here so you never miss future AMAs and other exciting Bundle community activities.

PS. Yele was also a guest on another interesting AMA series recently😅, this time hosted by our friends at CryptoTVPlus. Watch the entire conversation here.

Five Stars

Our best adverts are the ratings and reviews Bundlers post on social media and the app stores. They’re compliments that inspire us and make our effort worthwhile, so thank you and please keep them coming.

These are some of our favourite reviews of October.

Chasing Referrals

To wrap up October and kickstart November, we dropped our minimum trade limit for referrals from NGN5,000 to N1,000 so Bundlers can earn commissions faster from referring their friends! 💰

The 15-day rule still applies but we can all agree that trading NGN1,000 worth of crypto in two weeks isn’t a tall order.

👉🏾 This is a quick guide to sharing your referral link.

For The Record

Watching our community grow quickly since we launched has been an inspiration and a reward for the work we put into building Bundle.

We crossed the 100,000-user milestone a few weeks ago and this week, we recorded an all-time high of $732,895.36 in daily transaction volume! 📈

These growth achievements can only motivate us to do more for the people who have put their faith in our mission to make financial freedom and economic prosperity a reality for all Africans. 🚀

Standing For Something

As individuals and as a team, Bundle was an active supporter of the peaceful October protests to end police brutality in Nigeria.

We joined some other like-minded organisations to contribute toward the welfare of protestors, some of which were Bundlers.

Thanks to everyone who made a crypto donation through Bundle. No matter the amount you contributed, it is meaningful and it helped. ✊🏾

TRON, Activated!

Just last week, TRON (or TRX) quietly joined the ever-growing list of crypto you can trade on Bundle.

TRX powers the TRON protocol, a decentralised virtual machine (similar to Ethereum) that was created in 2017 by Justin Sun.

Fun fact: The TRON protocol can handle up to 2,000 transactions per second, making it as fast as the world’s major payment processors. ⚡️

Tap See All Coins on the list of cryptocurrencies on your Bundle home screen to find TRX and make a trade. 🙌🏾

Top Team Moments

Our engineers may be modern-day magicians but oftentimes, the biggest heroes at Bundle can be found on our tireless Customer Success team. 🦸🏾‍♀️

The top team moments in October are dedicated to these wonderful people. From the rest of the Bundle team, thank you for your service! 🙏🏾

“October 😍! The best part of the month has been positive customer service reviews. Our customers are everything to us, so the fact that they’re happy makes me happy.” - Toni

“Customer support is no easy task, but being able to give our users a sense of comfort and relief has been one of the main highlights of the month for me. Their feedback has been very encouraging, especially the special ‘thank you’ messages. That shows we’re doing something right.” - Laura

“My highlight of October has been watching our community grow. Bundlers are a special part of Bundle. A lot of them have been with us from the very beginning, keeping faith in us and making us stronger.” - Chinny

Crypto For Crypto

Convenience is a big part of what makes cryptocurrency so popular and being able to exchange one crypto for another one directly is essential.

We made that possible on Bundle this October with our brand-new CoinSwap feature, and our community has been making direct crypto trades without the need for cash since.

What’s Next?

Christmas? 😂

Jokes apart, this incredibly long year is wrapping up pretty quickly but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t consider sending good things your way before 2020 packs its load.

For instance, wouldn’t it be great if you could set an alert to let you know when a crypto’s price hits a particular target so you can buy it?

Price Alerts do exactly that and we’re adding this smart feature to Bundle in November! 🔔

You can also look forward to deposits and withdrawals for some of our recently listed cryptocurrencies.

Want to know which ones? (Of course, you do. 😉)

Keep up with us in your inbox, on the app, on Telegram, on Twitter and on Instagram. That’s everywhere! 🌍

May November bring you joy and peace. 🤲🏾


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