Bundle Rewind #1: Back To The Future

An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Bundle journey so far.

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On April 23, barely four months ago, we turned on the lights at Bundle. A lot has happened since then, so much that it feels like an entire lifetime has passed.

Whether you’re new on Bundle or you’ve been a part of our community since day one, we’d love to take you on a short trip.

We really hope you like time travel because we’re going back, way back to where it all started.

Welcome to the very first issue of Bundle Rewind.

More Than Payments

Bundle exists to make economic freedom and prosperity a reality for all Africans.

We’re driving the adoption of cryptocurrency on the continent by making it easier to use and inclusive even as we create more ways to use it every day.

We’ve pictured a world in which all Africans have access to the best open and inclusive financial services no matter where they live, and we believe this will help them achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

Building Together

“Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham famously said, “Make something people want.”

This seemingly simple advice is actually much harder in practice especially when you are working with emergent and relatively niche technology like digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

One of my biggest lessons over the last few months is that we should always talk to our users, share ideas prematurely and launch quickly so we can get early feedback from them.

I made a mistake when I got the team to work on a set of features that didn’t make it into version 1.0 of Bundle. The team had put in weeks of work into building those features and when we launched, it became apparent that the features wouldn’t be successful because Bundlers were using Bundle a bit differently from what I originally envisioned.

I’m happy this happened early in our journey and I believe this experience will have a tremendous impact and continue to shape how Bundle evolves — we want to be a community-focused and user-driven product.” — Yele Bademosi, CEO

Day One

“Launching Bundle publicly was a balanced mix of nerves and excitement. We had worked on this for months and after some false starts, we were ready to share what we had built with the world. I was super proud of the Bundle family at that moment and it’s one I can never forget.” — Yele, CEO

“It had been a long time coming. We were on this project for almost 6 months before going public. I could barely wait for us to just roll out and get people’s reactions. The team had put in so much time and energy into getting the product out and I was very anxious to get everyone to see what we had been working on. Really happy at the reception we got and the traction so far!” — Taiwo, CTO

“I had butterflies in my stomach. We had been in stealth mode for a while and could finally share this magic we made with so many people, at once. The grit displayed by Humans of Bundle on this journey and the feedback loop with our Alpha users is something I’m going to cherish for a long time. 😌” — Olamide, Product Manager

“I was excited and a little overwhelmed! There was so much happening at once. I couldn’t wait for us to launch, and find out what users thought about Bundle. We had put in so much work for months, and I was excited to see it come to life.” — Chinny, Relationship Manager

Key Achievements

The Feedback Loop

Gratitude Notes

We appreciate everyone who contributed to the launch of Bundle. Thank you for helping us bring this dream to reality.

We’re grateful to the Alphas, our team of passionate volunteers who have been at the forefront of driving crypto adoption through Bundle. These superstars host learning events and help new Bundlers navigate crypto every day.

And we thank you specially for your confidence in us. Every trade and referral you make on Bundle makes us stronger, and we will go far together.

Downtimes Don’t Last

Over the past month, we’ve grown at a faster rate than we anticipated and hit the stretch goals we set for ourselves month on month.

This increased demand meant that our daily cash withdrawal requests sometimes exceeded the amount of float (available cash) we have access to and we couldn’t process withdrawal requests on a number of occasions especially in the third week of July.

Our payment provider also had some growing pains recently, and service downtimes have sometimes slowed down cash withdrawals on Bundle.

In response, we’ve increased the amount of float we have access to help us meet demands and to allow higher daily withdrawals on Bundle — a popular user request.

We’re also adding a new payment provider so you can withdraw cash from your wallet whenever you need to.

Future Tense

We can’t give much away yet, but we’re concluding plans to list a cryptocurrency that is unique to Bundle and several other popular ones! ⚡️

In other exciting news, our Coin Swap feature is around the corner and you’ll be able to exchange cryptocurrencies (like changing BTC to BUSD) on the app.

And later this quarter, Ghanaians can look forward to Bundle’s arrival. 🇬🇭

We’ll also launch Bundle Vault, a feature for you to save crypto and earn interest on it.

The future of Bundle is worth looking forward to!

You Can Help Us Grow

Community keeps us going strong, and we’re always having progressive conversations on Telegram. Join our vibrant group of over 1,500 Bundlers!

If you have suggestions and pointers to make Bundle better, we’d love to see them here. You’re also welcome to upvote suggestions you like.

The more people know about Bundle, the better. Please, take a moment to rate us on Google Play or the App Store and help us get noticed. 🙏🏾

We’d also be grateful for every friend you invite to Bundle. That’s more effective than any billboard or newspaper ad.

Keep sharing your referral link and we’ll make sure you’re rewarded for each completed referral.

Bundle Rewind will be back every month with exclusive updates straight from the Bundle team.

Stay bundled and keep a lookout!

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