Bundle now supports BUSD!🎉

Hey Bundlers 💸,

We are excited to announce that Bundle now supports BUSD!!!🎉🎉🎉 . As you are already familiar, Bundle supports buying and selling of BNB, BTC and ETH all from one wallet.

We received several emails from our amazing Bundlers in our community asking us when we will add BUSD as a crypto asset on our platform. We listened to you and worked tirelessly to ensure we support BUSD on our platform. Now, you can buy/sell or store BNB, BTC , ETH and BUSD on Bundle — I can imagine you fist bumping and shouting “yassss”right now.😅😅

What is BUSD?

For those who may not have heard of BUSD before, Binance USD(BUSD) is a new USD-denominated coin launched in September last year. BUSD was created in partnership between the largest and most trusted companies in the crypto space: Binance, the largest digital asset exchange in the world, and Paxos, a US-regulated custodian and trust company.

BUSD is fully collateralized 1:1 by the U.S. dollar, which means the value of 1 BUSD is equivalent to the value of $1 USD. This reduces significant price fluctuations of BUSD as opposed to the more popular cryptos like Bitcoin and Etherum. With BUSD you are able to hedge against the volatility and devaluation of your crypto-assets by holding in BUSD, which is as stable as the dollar.

Why you should use BUSD?

BUSD is pegged to the US dollar(USD) , hence its value is highly dependent on the value of USD. So 1BUSD = 1 USD. Because of this BUSD is not as unstable as the other crypto coins such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. No more “up-down-up-down” ticks when looking at the charts. Say goodbye to regular heart palpitations when you are checking the value of your coin in your wallet.

If you do not have a large appetite for risk then you should use BUSD

How can you buy/sell BUSD on Bundle

Buying and selling crypto(BNB, BTC, ETH and now BUSD) on Bundle is as simple as ABC- no for real, it is very straightforward . First, you need to download the latest version of the Bundle app which has the BUSD support. After that you just need to register and verify you account and voila! You can start buying and selling BUSD from the Bundle app.

Note:Our buy / sell prices are determined by the best price on the market at the time of the trade. For now, Bundle does not charge any fees for buying or selling crypto.

Buy/Sell BUSD in Bundle App

What is the transaction limit on BUSD?

Transaction limits on Bundle is determined by your KYC level.

KYC is also known as Know Your Customer, this is what we use to measure the amount of information our customers have provided us to verify their identity. Currently, the highest level for KYC on Bundle is KYC level two.

For KYC level one:

  • Maximum BUSD deposit: No limit

For KYC level two:

  • Maximum BUSD deposit: No limit

Is BUSD Safe?

Yup, BUSD is safe 🔒

BUSD was created in a partnership between Binance the largest digital asset exchange and Paxos, a US-regulated custodian and trust company.

Not only this but is approved and authorized by the New York State Department of Financial Services 🇺🇸

We believe that the introduction of BUSD as one of the digital currencies we support, will further drive our goal towards ensuring Africans enjoy access to a borderless, open and inclusive financial system

Do you have any feature request or are there coins you are hoping we add to our current options? Always feel free to reach out to us. We are always eager to hear from our amazing Bundlers.

Again this feature is available on the latest version of the Bundle app, which can be downloaded here

Until next time, Stay Bundled!

Bundle is a social payments app for cash or crypto

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