Bundle Is Better With Friends

The benefits of going social on Bundle are real.

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Hey, Bundler. Yes, you. Why would you want to use Bundle alone? 🤔

Of course, you can choose to trade cryptocurrency on Bundle by yourself all day, every day. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But there’s much more to Bundle than rolling solo.

Let’s explore the benefits of going social together. 👫🏾

Free Transfers

What else would you call sending cash or cryptocurrency to your friends and family at no cost to you or them?

Definitely free transfers.

To make free transfers on Bundle, you’ll just need to link your phone contacts to your Bundle account with a couple of taps and everyone you know who’s on Bundle will show up on the app.✨

Tap any of those contacts and you can make a transfer to their Bundle account, no fees charged. 🤯

There’s an entire video guide below to make your life easier.

Excuse me, what if I want to make a free transfer to a contact who’s not (yet) on Bundle?

You can do that too!

When you make a transfer to a phone contact who doesn’t have a Bundle account, we’ll send your contact a text message (SMS) with a link to download Bundle.

Once your contact has downloaded Bundle, they must sign up with the phone number we sent the download link to so they can receive your cash or cryptocurrency transfer.

Free Requests

It’s not all one-way traffic from you to other people on Bundle.

You can send free requests for cash or cryptocurrency to your Bundle contacts whenever you want to as well.

It’s up to them to accept your request though. (We really wish we could help with that part but…🤷🏾‍♀️)

Learn how to send a request for cash or cryptocurrency in the video below.

Free transfers and requests are pretty good reasons to bring your friends to Bundle, right?

And don’t forget that we’ll pay you a commission for every friend who joins Bundle through your referral link and trades up to 10 BUSD worth of cryptocurrency within 15 days after joining. 👏🏾

The best part? Your friend will get a commission too. 🎉

Bundle really is better with friends.

Stay bundled! ✌🏾

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Bundle is a social payments app for cash or crypto

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