Bundle 1k Community Sprint

Promotion Period: 25/06/2020–02/07/2020

To mark the opening of the Bundle Telegram community, Bundle is organizing a fun sprint to the 1k membership mark!

Every Bundler can join this fun race simply by inviting 3 friends who are interested/involved in crypto to join the Bundle Telegram community!

All Bundlers who participate in the race to 1K members will qualify for a lucky dip. Invited friends can also join a lucky dip for invitees, by sharing their bundle usernames!
Winners from the Sprint can win from the prize pool of NGN 40,000. While new joiners to the group will stand a chance of winning NGN 20,000 during the course of the competition.

How winners will be selected:

  1. The person with the most invitees at the end of the Sprint will win NGN 10,000.
  2. A prize pool of NGN 30,000 will be shared equally by 10 Sprinters selected via a lucky dip.
  3. All sprinters who invite a minimum of 3 persons will be added to the lucky dip(3 invitees = 1 lucky dip ticket).
  4. Each time you invite an additional 3 friends, you will receive 1 extra ticket (multiple entries into the dip) Example: see table below
  5. All invited new members can also can will also share in a prize pool of NGN 20,000.

Sprint Promo rules

  1. Winners must be following Bundle on twitter
  2. Winners must have verified bundle accounts (KYC Level 2 verification)
  3. Rewards will be paid to winners Bundle accounts
  4. Bundle reserves the right to cancel or amend the rules of the promo

Here’s how to add your friends to the group:

1. Request for your link from the admin
2. Share your link with other your friends interested in Crypto
3. Whoever has the most members come from their link will be the winner of the contest.

Bundle is a social payments app for cash or crypto

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