Disclaimer: BUSD and other cryptocurrencies are not classified as legal tender nor regulated securities in Nigeria.

If you saved ₦1,000,000 in 1999, it was worth $45,680.

In 2009, your ₦1,000,000 would have been worth $6,893.

In 2015, your ₦1,000,000 would have been worth $5,000.

And today, your ₦1,000,000 is worth $1,980.

Recent Parallel Rates from AbokiFX

A dollar went from being worth ₦145.07 to ₦505, all in the space of 10 years, which is 3x less than its original value.

What does it mean to you?

If you saved the same ₦2,000,000 naira in 2015 and you made 11% interest on it every year, you would have ended up with ₦3,370,118…

The crypto ecosystem operates on market cycles.

At some points, the direction of the market is clearly bullish, with crypto-asset prices regularly reaching all-time highs.

While at other times the direction of the market is less clear and more volatile. In this cycle, asset prices might seem to be rising one day and the next day their prices dip aggressively.

In situations like these, it is easier to time the purchase of an asset wrongly i.e. …

June literally ran by like the flash, this minute it’s the first of June, and the next minute we are almost done with the first half of the year 🥵

Let’s not add the fact that the crypto market has been fluctuating, but as always, we stay optimistic 💪🏾

This month has been about updates, AMAs, crypto listing, and challenges. Here’s a highlight of some of our doings this month.

Product Updates

We are constantly striving to be better for you and as a result of this we have rolled out some new updates.

  • We had to pause the refer and earn…

Our refer and earn program was paused for a bit, however, we are back! 💃🏾

You can now continue earning rewards when your friends register on Bundle with your referral code 💵

What is new?

For your referrals to qualify, here are the two rules to keep in mind ;

  • Must trade a minimum of 10 BUSD.
  • Must perform cash deposit with Cashlink to qualify.
  • Rewards have been capped to a maximum of 10 referrals. If you have referral energy for more than 10 users per month to Bundle, you can fill this form here.
  • You will earn NGN 500 or GHS6 for each referral.
  • Payouts are made on the 16th day your referral signs up on Bundle 🙏🏾
  • We no longer give BXD as rewards. Stay tuned for more details on how to earn BXD 👊🏾

Start referring now!🏃🏽‍♀️

Bundle’s P2P users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies among themselves. The majority of these transactions occur without any problem. However, in case of conflict between users, Bundle’s P2P offers the opportunity for both (casher or partner) to open a dispute. This is where the customer service team comes in, to mediate between both parties and solve the issue.

When to open dispute resolution?

Before starting a dispute, ensure you have contacted the partner first. It is faster to reach an agreement with the partner than open a dispute. However, if communication fails and there is no agreed solution, you can…

Cashlink and Bundle don’t joke with your assets or your security and because of this we take serious measures to vet our partners and ensure that they are fit to be on Cashlink

One of such ways is by putting the partner’s money in escrow until you have confirmed the order. This simply means that until you confirm that your transaction was successful we would hold the money for the partner.

3 Tips for Safe P2P Trading

There are no hidden fees: The prices you see in the offer are final. If your partner asks you to pay an additional…

Despite the risk of P2P, Cashlink has not recorded any. This is because Cashlink verifies all its partners and they go through series of tests before they are allowed to perform transactions on Cashlink. As a result of this, Cashlink has done 13.6m BUSD transactions and has not recorded any scams or hacks.

However, there are some risks that first-time users may fall into and these are a few of them to guide you on your Cashlink journey.


The malicious actor impersonates a genuine trader interested in buying or selling fiat and either post their own trade ad or…

In our first email, we explained P2P and how it is the first way that bitcoin was ever exchanged. This concept has now been modified to meet the needs of today’s market. One of such needs arose during the restriction of banks and payment networks in offering financial services directly to crypto exchanges and service providers. This led to the birth of Cashlink, a peer-to-peer platform that provides hassle-free cash in/out services for users.

5 Reasons why Bundle’s P2P is the best way to fund your wallet

Reinforced security: Bundle has an escrow service. This system prevents scams or theft…

Cashlink is a peer-to-peer payment platform that provides hassle-free cash in/out services for users.

What does CashLink do?

CashLink aids in your withdrawal and deposit on the Bundle app. It links you with a partner who fulfils whatever transaction you want to make.

A few of our users took to Twitter to share their Cashlink experience using the hashtag #CashlinkLove and below are some of their testimonials.

Peer-to-peer trading is one of the most popular and cheapest ways to buy bitcoin. It’s also one of the oldest, if not the first, methods to trade bitcoin. The early P2P marketplaces had complicated user interfaces, low-security standards, and very high risks unique to P2P trading.

Over the years, this has changed with the wider adoption of crypto and influx of professional businesses, and the majority of the early issues and disadvantages disappeared.

P2P platforms managed by large exchanges, such as Cashlink, offer a seamless fiat transaction. …

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